Cold Pasta with Broccoli, Peas & Cream Sauce


It was another beautiful day with blue sky and the highest temperature went up to 22C, which I think is the highest this year.  In the area where we stayed on Friday it looks a few degree lower, though.  A little distance can make a big enough difference.  It’s nice weather to walk in the shade but I got very hot after an hour of weeding and it took me a while to cool down after that.  (It’s going to be a bit of a hard work to do the weeding from now as it gets warmer.  I really shouldn’t complain, though, as it’s a lot easier than in Japan as it’s not humid and you don’t get eaten by mosquitoes.)  The lowest temperature at night is still 7C, though. Was it always like this in England??  It’s going to get warmer the week after next and the lowest temperature will stay above 10C.  I forgot to write it but we are already in June, soon a half of the year will have gone.  It feels like Christmas was just a few months ago.  Time is very strange, Christmas seems just a few months ago but on the other hand the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee feels quite a while ago rather than just a year ago.

今日の夕食は、今月の La Table Enchantee のズームレッスンの録画で習った冷製パスタにしました。イギリスも冷たいパスタを食べたいと思える気候になりました。ブロッコリーとグリーンピースと生クリームのパスタで、マイルドなペストのような味ですが、今日はブロッコリーの代わりに家にあったステムブロッコリーで。バジルが少し入りますがタラゴンを入れても美味しいとお聞きしました。お庭でタラゴンを育てていますがなかなか育たずまだとても小さいので、ちょこっとだけ上に飾りました。卵黄は生を使うのはどうかなと思ったので省略し、オリーブオイルを少し増やしてブロッコリーの茹で汁を少しだけ加えて緩めました。とても美味しかったですし、我が家には大抵ある材料で出来るのが、嬉しいです。

Today’s dinner was a cold pasta I learned at this month’s Zoom lesson of La Table Enchantee.  The weather is warm enough for me to want to eat cold pasta.  It’s a cold pasta with a sauce made with broccoli & peas & cream but we used stem broccolis instead of broccoli.  I would say it tastes like a mild pesto.   It uses some basil but the teacher told us tarragon will be very nice, too.  We are growing tarragon in the garden but they are very small yet, not many leaves have grown, so we used just a few on top instead of in the sauce.  The good thing is that most people will have almost everything you need for this pasta .




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