Penne With Spicy Tomato Sauce With Onion & Red Pepper


It hadn’t rained for such a long time (not since we got back from Rome, so for a full month?) and the gardens were looking very dry even though we are watering with an irrigation system, so we were saying how much we would love good rain – and it did rain this afternoon!  It felt so good.


Apparently, some plants don’t like tap water, they much prefer rain water.  I feel plants look better after rain.  They need sun but also rain.



We were going to have Okonomi-yaki today for dinner, but we thought it would be too hot and so changed it to a simple pasta.  Garlic, onion, red pepper tomato sauce with some of the spice mix that we bought in Rome, which contains chilli, it was more spicy than I expected but it was good.  We grated Pecorino cheese on top.  After the pasta, we had cheese (the Langres that we bought in London).




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