Beef & Vegetable Curry


The temperature went down to 21C or 22C so it shouldn’t feel so hot but it does.  Outside is just nice but inside the house is hot.  The 1st floor is specially hot and I had to take a break now and again to cool down when I was drying my hair in my dressing room  (I have a lot of thick hair so it takes a long time to dry).  The ground floor is better but it still is as hot as 25C so outside is cooler.  Our house is quite new and the insulation is very good, so it’s good in winter but it seems to hold the hot air inside the house in the summer.  It is expected to go up to 27C tomorrow.


Probably because of being so hot,  I felt like having nice spicy curry – not Indian curry but Japanese curry.  As it’s so hot I get hot easily so I started cooking early so I can take time, I get hotter if I have to do something quickly.  There was enough goulash left just for one person from the day when we invited our neighbour friends and we put it in the freezer, so we defrosted it and used it for this curry.  After sautéing onion, garlic & ginger then added spices, I added left-over pasta sauce from yesterday instead of usual tin or fresh tomatoes, then added water, vegetables and the left-over goulash and cooked until everything was tender.  Then I added Japanese curry roux.  The goulash had enough seasoning so even though we added water it could not take the usual amount of the curry roux (as it would have made it too salty).  I could have added extra roux (flour and butter mixture) but I left it as it was.  There was quite a lot of tomatoes so it tasted a little more sour than usual curry but we enjoyed it.






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