Subscription Flowers

随分前から知ってはいたのですが利用したことがなかった「Freddy’s Flowers」のお花の定期便に申し込んでみました。以前、「Flowerbx」のお花の定期便を利用していましたが、お値段は半額より少しお高いお値段。なので「Flowerbx」のお花の贅沢感はありませんが、いつでも頻度を変更したりキャンセルしたり出来るので、とりあえずピオニーの季節の間だけでも利用してみようと思います。

I subscribed to “Freddy’s Flowers” flower subscription, which I’d known of for a long time but hadn’t used before.  I’ve used Flowerbx flower subscription before but this one is just a little more than a half of the price so not as luxurious.  The reason I thought I’d give it a go is because they are including peonies this month.  You are allowed to change the frequency or even cancel any time so I’ll use them while they include peonies and see what I feel after that.


Apart from peonies and barley, I probably wouldn’t have chosen any other of the flowers that came in a flower shop, but the colours are sort of monochromatic, so nothing wild, and they included all sorts of different texture so they were easier to use than I expected.


It came with peony, alstroemeria, santini, solidago, lisianthus, sweet william and barley.  It comes with a leaflet, which shows how to arrange the flowers, but I just made a bouquet in my own way.



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