Lunch At Cowdray Cafe

今日はお昼頃にペットワースの美容院まで行ったので、帰りに Cowdray のカフェでサクッとランチをしました。ペットワース近辺、あまり美味しいお店が見当たりません。ここでは、わたしはいつもBLT。いくつか美味しくないものを食べて辿り着いた、ここで食べたものの中で一番美味しい1品。

We went to Petworth as I had an appointment at my hair salon there around lunch time, so we stopped at Cowdray’s cafe for lunch afterwards.  I almost always have BLT here – I had a few items that I didn’t like before I tried the BLT, so far it’s the best item here.




It looks like it’ll be hot again tomorrow, but then it’ll get less hot slowly and will be around 23C next week, which will give us a break from the hot weather.



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