Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) Donburi


It didn’t get so hot today and it was good weather most of the time except it rained just a little bit.  We wish it had rained properly but didn’t.  The forcast says thunder for tomorrow and I hope we’ll get a lot of rain.  My husband has been spending a lot of time watering our garden and next door’s (as they are away).


Today’s dinner was Yakiniku Donburi.  Yakiniku is Korean BBQ in a Japanese way and I miss it but we can have it only in London.  When we were in Waitrose the other day, we bought a pack of “beef for stir-fry”, which is thick strips of beef and I wanted to use it.  I searched the recipes online and sort of combined 2 different recipes.  One is this and the other is this – both Japanese only.


I was worried about the beef being tough and also gamey so marinaded it for quite a few hours.  The marinade is from this recipe but I added ginger and also reduced the amount thinking it might be too much as I was going to marinade it for much longer than the recipe.  As for vegetables, I wanted to use Choi Sum that we bought a little while ago so used the whole pack as well as 2 quite thin and small carrots and a half of an onion, garlic chives and some mini tomatoes.  A whole pack of Choi Sum was too much, we could probably use just onion and carrot.  Too much vegetables for 2 of us.


As there was a lot of vegetables it wasn’t possible to stir-fry everything together, so I stir-fried onion and carrot, then choi sum, then garlic chives then took all out onto a plate.  I then stir-fried beef and when it was done returned the vegetables.  When I stir-fried the vegetables, I did add some salt, pepper, sugar and soy sauce so they have some seasoning without the rest, but the vegetables needed a little more seasoning to have with rice although the seasoning of the beef was just right.  Next time I will make extra mixture of the seasoning sauce, keep some behind and pour it over after putting everything on rice.  It was very tasty, though, and the beef was mostly tender (though there were some strips that were chewy) and wasn’t gamey at all.






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