Although it didn’t rain, there were a lot of large dark clouds and it was quite windy all day, so it wasn’t very suitable for a BBQ, but we had decided to cook a BBQ outside and eat inside.  A lot of people do this in England as the weather isn’t often suitable for a full BBQ here.  I feel the nice thing about BBQ is to eat outside and am not too sure if there is a point of doing BBQ if we eat inside – except that it saves you from thinking of what to cook.  It’s been cool and doesn’t look like it’s going to get warmer and quite a lot of rain is in forecast in the next couple of weeks, so we thought we’ll do it in spite of the weather while it is at least ‘summer’.


We’ve done BBQ a few times but this was our first ‘usual’ or ‘typical’ BBQ – as we’ve done Japanese and middle-eastern so far.  I think a typical BBQ here is sausages, burgers and maybe chicken with a salad or two, although there are of course others who do more or differently.  We cooked sausages, marinaded chicken (coronation chicken marinade from M&S) and also served 3 small salads from M&S.


The 3 salads that we bought from M&S, which were all good.



The sausages were very large so I would have been happy to have just a half but my husband wanted a whole one.  We had them in hot dogs, which were quite filling.  Chicken was tender and nice but a little bland so I think it needed a little salt before cooking.









My husband would have been happy to have a burger as well but then you eat so much meat and not much vegetables so I think this was enough.  We still have some left-over of chicken and the salads, so we’ll have them for lunch tomorrow.  We didn’t do any prep other than getting them from M&S, my husband cooked just sausages and chicken, so it was nice and easy and quite enjoyable.  We’d like to have BBQ a few more times before ‘the summer’ is gone.


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