Chilli Con Carne


It has been raining from this morning all day long and it started to get very windy again.  The rain hasn’t been so heavy but somehow it reminds me of Typhoons.  The temperature went up to only about 20C, and it feels very cool.  I’m glad we did our BBQ yesterday.  Although it looks like OK weather tomorrow, the rest of the next 2 weeks looks to be rainy most days.


Today’s dinner was Chilli Con Carne that we froze sometime ago, so we just made a salad and garlic bread.  I seem to be having even more problem with coming up with a dinner menu these days even though I have hundreds of cookery books and recipes from so many cooking classes I attended in the past and I’m still taking some zoom cooking classes.  I feel too lazy to cook something that I haven’t cooked before and have to follow a recipe, and even when I do we don’t often have all the ingredients necessary at home.  Still, it is good to use what we have in the freezer and it was very tasty, too.



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