BBQ (& Katsu Sando T-shirt)


Today’s dinner was BBQ as the weather forecast said it was going to be sunny in the evening when I checked it last night.  When we did some shopping in Waitrose a little while ago we bought some meats for BBQ and froze them so every time when I opened the freezer I thought, “Oh, we must do BBQ soon!”.  The weather was good but it was a bit cold so we cooked on the BBQ outside but ate inside.  Beef burger and chicken with lemongrass and coconut flavour – both very good.




We didn’t have lettuce so used a mixture of salad leaves as well as tomato, onion & sauce (mayonnaise, ketchup & sriracha).


I made Coleslaw salad, not so much mayonnaise as you get when you buy it, much lighter with lemon juice as well as mayonnaise.



このTシャツは、先月の夫のお誕生日のプレゼントにしたものの1つ、ユニクロのもので、前には大きく The Original Katsu Sando Kitchen & Mini-Mart Los Angeles  Calif. と書かれています。面白すぎる。

This was one of the presents I gave my husband on his birthday last month, it’s a Uniqlo T-shirt and says “The original Katsu Sando Kitchen & Mini-Mart Los Angeles Calif.” in 3 lines on the front, and lots of other things on the back. Very funny.  I just cannot understand why “Katsu Sando” rather than “Katsu Sandwich”.





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