Handmade Pizza


It was wet all day but it looks like it’ll be sunny tomorrow.   When I checked the weather forecast just a couple of days ago there were many sun marks for the next couple of weeks but it has changed and now there are many rain marks and not so many sun marks.  I don’t know what happened to the heatwave they were talking about from this Thursday as I cannot see any high temperature anywhere, even in London.  I guess it’s not coming now.


Today’s dinner was handmade pizza.  I prepared the dough last night and kept it in the fridge for low temperature raising.  We divided the dough for 2 meant for pizza into 3 parts and made 2 savoury and 1 sweet.  The savoury ones had tomato, cheese (2 kinds of mozzarella), onion, salami and, after baking, some basil.  The sweet one had donut peach, mozzarella cheese (2 kinds), blue cheese, almond slices, a lot of black pepper and after baking some honey.  We usually use figs for the sweet version but we didn’t have any so we used donut peach – but as peaches have more delicate flavour it was overwhelmed by the blue cheese, so not much flavour of peaches although they did add the soft juicy texture.  It was still enjoyable.  (We called the sweet pizza “Peach-a”.  )  The portable pizza oven from Japan is so good and bakes pizza so nicely, we cannot help saying “this is so good” when we eat these.






They taste better when they look a little burned at the edges.






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