Lunch At Cowdray & Hair Style


It was quite a nice day today with the temperature up to 21C or so.  The sun was very strong and it felt like my skin would burn in a minute when I did a little gardening.  I can still see the blue sky now from my craft room and it looks lovely.  The forecast changed again and it looks like there won’t be much rain in the next week or so.

今日はペットワースに髪のカットに行ったので、途中でランチをしました。ペットワースは素敵な街で一応観光地だと思うのですがレストランやカフェが少なく、わたしたちは大抵、ミッドハーストの近くの Cowdray Farm Shop 併設のカフェに行きます。わたしはいくつか食べてみて、一番美味しいと思う BLT、トーストしていただきました。いくつかのカフェやパブで食べてみて、BLT が一番安全牌なような気がしています。というのは、塩胡椒をしていなくて味がないサンドイッチが多いのですがBLTはベーコンのお陰で塩胡椒していなくても味がついているから。ベーコンが分厚すぎてちょっとしょっぱいですが。夫は、チェダーチーズとチャツネとトマトのサンドイッチでした。

As we had to go to Petworth for my hair cut we had lunch on our way.  Although Petworth is a charming town and is a touristy place there aren’t many restaurants/cafes so we tend to stop at Cowdray Farm Shop’s cafe.  I’ve had a few items here but feel their BLT is the best, I asked them to toast it today.  I feel that in quite a lot of pubs/cafes BLT is the safest option, they tend to usually taste OK.  In the country, where in many cases people don’t seem to use salt & pepper for sandwich filling and sandwiches are often tasteless, BLT has bacon, which can act as seasoning.  My husband had a cheddar cheese, tomato & chutney sandwich.





My hair apparently grows faster than many people’s, many hair stylists told me this, so I do now and again ask my hair stylist to cut it shorter than he generally thinks it’s grown since the previous cut, but it has still been getting longer and longer, and it’s been bothering me.  However, cutting your hair much shorter takes a bit of courage, I find.  Anyway, this time, I showed a photo of the hair style I had in Singapore and a few other photos of similar cuts and asked him to cut it quite short – and he did.  I think it’s a bit too short but hopefully it’ll soon look about the same length as the hair I had when we were in Singapore.




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