French Style Mince beef Curry

今日の夕食は、「La Table Enchantee」のインスタグラムの「おうちフレンチ」のレッスンで教えていただいた「フレンチ風ミンチカレー」でした。スパイスを勝手にいくつか足したのと、玉ねぎ麹と塩麹とニンニク麹を使いましたが、他はレシピ通りに作りました。このレシピは、香港に住んでいた時に先生のレストラン、「味十味」で出されていたカレーのレシピで、わたしも何度もいただいた美味しいカレーです。具は少量の牛ミンチだけなので、今日はズッキーニ、茄子、赤パプリカを焼いたものをトッピングしました。美味しかったです!

Today’s dinner was “French Style Mince Beef Curry” that I learned from the Instagram lesson by  “La Table Enchantee” .  I added some spices and used Onion-koji, salt-koji and garlic-koji and also added courgette, aubergine and red pepper at the end, but other than that I followed the recipe.  This curry is one of the items the teacher used to serve at her restaurant “Ajitomi” in Hong Kong and I have had it many times when we were living there.



Although this is called “French Style”, I understand such a thing doesn’t really exist, I think the teacher calls it so perhaps because there is some red wine and brandy in it.  It does use Japanese curry roux so I suppose it is Japanese style – but not a typical Japanese style.





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