Lunch In Chichester (Franco Manca)

今日はネイルサロンにお昼頃予約を入れていたので、ついでに夫とチチェスターでランチをしました。何度か行ったピッツァ屋さんの Franco Manca。生地が軽くて美味しい。

I had an appointment at a nail salon in Chichester, so we had lunch in Chichester.  We went to “Franco Manca”, which is a sourdough pizza place.  We like their pizza base, which is nice and light.


They don’t have a large variety of toppings and our favourite is “tomato, olive, salami, caramelised onion, chilli oil, and mozzarella”.   Although I tend to like a more simple one of just tomato and mozzarella but for some reason I prefer this one here.  We shared one with a side salad each (no photo).




Chichester Cathedral, my husband took this photo while he was waiting for me.



As you can see from the photo, it’s another beautiful day today, not a cloud in the sky.  Unless you go in the shade the sun is very strong and feels very hot on your skin.  It looks like they are expecting rain on Thursday, but other than that we should be having good weather for a little while.


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