French Patisserrie Lesson (Roule de Tiramisu & Verrines au The Matcha)

今日は、7月、8月(夏休み中なので2ヶ月同じメニュー)ズームによるEcole Chez Haru のフランス菓子のレッスンでした。前回のレッスンは6月22日だったので、2ヶ月ぶり。今日は生徒は2人のレッスンの予定だったそうですがもうお1人の体調不良でわたし1人のマンツーマンのレッスンになりました。贅沢で有難いような、寂しいような。1人だったこともあって、今日は2時間で出来上がり、これまで受けたレッスンの中で最短レッスンでした。

I took a baking class of Ecole Chez Haru on Zoom today.  The last lesson I took was on the 22nd June, and she is running the same menu for July and August because many people are away for holidays.  There was going to be another student for the lesson but she had to cancel it as she isn’t well, so I was the only student this time.  It’s a luxury to have her all to myself, but at the same time I sort of missed having other people baking together.  Probably because it was just me, the lesson finished in two hours, which is the shortest duration since I started taking the lessons.


* ティラミスのロールケーキ
* 抹茶のグラスデザート

I learned to make :

  • Roule de Tirmisu (Tiramisu Roulade)
  • Verrines au The Matcha (Matcha Glass Dessert)


These are the glass desserts.  They have Matcha jelly on the bottom, then sweet aduki beans, then Matcha mousse topped with whipped cream and Matcha decoration.  The Matcha jelly is supposed to be made of agar but the teacher told me that agar she gets in the US is Kanten, not agar.  She doesn’t know if it’s the same here or not.  The packet of agar I bought says it was from Japan so she thought it should be real agar but I’m not sure because when I shook the glasses after it had set before putting Aduki beans on, they didn’t move and seemed too firm.  Agar would be much nicer as it would be wobbly and softer than Kanten.  I’ll report how it was after trying one later today.




The Tiramisu Roulade is resting in the fridge until tomorrow.  We are going to take some to our friends tomorrow so I hope it’s good.  The outside of it should have been marbled with coffee colour and usual sponge colour but mine didn’t look very marbly like the teacher’s.  The teacher used water with instant coffee but we don’t have instant coffee at home and I thought it’ll be such a waste if we buy a jar of instant coffee just for this as we don’t use it. She told me I could also use coffee extract so that’s what I bought and used – so that might be the reason, maybe I needed to use more of it.  I was very careful not to mix the batter after adding the coffee extract, only 3 times or so, so I don’t think I over-mixed it.  Anyway it’ll still be good.  I won’t know until we slice it but I have a feeling I did a better job at rolling it than the last time.



I was told that some ordinary brown paper is the best and I thought we had some but I couldn’t find any and this one with god outside and brown inside was the closest, so that’s what I used.




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