Hot Weather & BBQ


It’s soooo hot!!  Just a few days ago it felt quite cold and now it changed so much in just a couple of days.  The highest temperature wasn’t even 30C and the humidity is around 60% so people in Japan, for example, would wonder what we are complaining about, but without any air-conditioning in the kitchen, dining room and living room area, the temperature was up to 27C and felt quite stuffy and I got so hot quickly when I did some cooking, I had to come into my craft room and sit in the air-conditioned room to cool down now and again.  We invited a friend for dinner for tomorrow and needed to prepare a couple of things.  It looks like it’ll be hot again tomorrow, I’ll have to start preparing the dinner well in advance so I’ll be able to cool down now and again.  The weather information said it was 29C here today, but it was only 27C where we are, apparently in London and some other area it went above 30C and it looks like it’s even hotter in Europe.


Although we needed to prepare a couple of things for tomorrow, I didn’t have to do much for dinner today as we did a BBQ. I just prepared some toppings and a sauce for the burgers and made a salad, I’m sure my husband got very hot in front of the BBQ.  We had burgers from Waitrose (bought sometime ago and put in the freezer) and a couple of chicken dishes from Waitrose – Cajun Chicken & Mango & Ginger Chicken, plus a Salad and Gazpacho (left over from yesterday).  We had it on the patio in our garden – I think, for the first time this year.  Whenever we’ve had BBQ so far it was always quite chilly at night so we had it inside.  Back In June when it was hot it was too hot to do a BBQ.


According to the weather forecast, it’ll be hot like today for the next week, then go down to around 20C.  Hopefully we’ll manage another BBQ before this returned summer goes.


BBQ is quite difficult to do well, it takes you a while to get used to cooking on the BBQ and by the time you get used to it the BBQ season is gone.









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