BBQ (Korean & Japanese)


It felt quite hot as the sun was very strong when we were walking yesterday even though the temperature wasn’t that high, but it suddenly felt cold once the sun had gone.  Today, it felt quite cool, even a bit on the chilly side, you really need long sleeves and long trousers now.  Tomorrow, it’s expected to get warmer up to 25C.


Since it doesn’t look like we’ll have very nice weather after tomorrow, we decided to have a BBQ for dinner today.  It was too cold to eat outside, though, so we ate in the dining room.

少し前に Waso という日本食品を主に扱っているお店から取り寄せをしたときに、骨つきカルビを焼肉用にマリネしたものをオーダーしてみたので、バーベキューができるうちに食べたいと思っていました。ただ、思っていたより量が少なかったので、他にも簡単なものをあれこれ用意しました。ミニトマトのベーコン巻き、おくらのベーコン巻き、しいたけ、厚揚げ。他にもやしの胡麻和え、YouTubeのこの動画を見てお豆腐の韓国風マリネ(麻薬豆腐と名付けておられました)。もやしの胡麻和えやお豆腐の韓国風マリネはご飯に合うので、ご飯も。

When I ordered some Japanese ingredients etc from Waso the other day, I included beef ribs marinaded for Yakiniku, so I wanted to have it before the BBQ season is gone.  There wasn’t as much as I expected so I prepared some other easy BBQ stuff.  Mini tomatoes wrapped with bacon, okra wrapped with bacon, shiitake, and atsuage (fried tofu).  Also a couple of other dishes – Japanese bean sprout salad with sesame and Korean style marinaded tofu from this youtube video.  As the bean sprout salad and marinaded tofu goes well with rice, some rice, too.


The beef rib was very thinly sliced and 80% was bone, we would have liked it to be much thicker.  It was also quite salty because the marinade had been absorbed so much.  However, at least it wasn’t gamy tasting.  Tomatoes and okra wrapped with bacon were as delicious as always, and tofu marinade was very tasty.   Everything was good.











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