I think it was supposed to get warmer but it was just a nice temperature of around 24C today.  There are a lot of thunder marks in the forecast for the next week or so.


Today’s evening meal was Panzanella, which is a salad that has torn up bread with vegetables.  The bread is a very hard and dry one with fennel, which we bought in Rome.  You quickly let the bread get a little wet under the tap (but not too wet) and leave it until it slightly softens but still has a crunchy texture.  As well as bread, we used tomatoes, onion, cucumber, red pepper, avocado and Parma Ham.  The dressing is very simple, just lemon juice, salt, pepper and very little honey.  As the bread has quite a strong flavour of fennel I feel the dressing is better to be very simple.  We enjoyed it very much.





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