Wedding Anniversary Trip / On Our Way Home


Today was the last day of our wedding anniversary trip.  We left the hotel around 11:00am to head back home, stopping for lunch and also at a couple more places on the way.  Unfortunately it was grey all day and rained a little for a short time, but at least it didn’t rain heavily like the day we left home.

夫が途中にある「タイ料理屋さん」(Yammie’s Kitchen) を見つけてくれて行ったのですが、パブの中でタイ料理とパブ料理を出しているところで、ドアを開けて、「ありゃ、これは間違えたのでは」と思いましたが、もうランチタイムで他に何もないところだったのでここでいただきました。

My husband found a Thai restaurant, Yammie’s Kitchen, which was on our way back.  They serve Thai food as well as Pub food.  When we opened the door, I thought, “Oh dear, this might be a big mistake…” but there wasn’t anywhere else to go near there and it was already lunch time, so we just sat at a table.



We almost always order the same things in Thai restaurants and we did so today.  Chicken satay, spring rolls, stir-fried chicken with basil, and green chicken curry.




The stir-fried chicken with basil was very salty, I think it was seasoned only with soy sauce (not fish sauce, ordinary soy sauce), no sugar, no oyster sauce, no sweet soy sauce.  Not much basil either.  The rice wasn’t Jasmine rice, this rice just would not work with Thai food.



Green Chicken Curry.  I don’t know why they use turmeric.  It actually tasted mainly of turmeric.




The menu said authentic Thai food but I doubt it.  The lady who came to take orders was Thai but I wonder if the kitchen staff is.  When she came back and asked us how the food was, I told her I didn’t think this rice goes with Thai food, they should serve Jasmine rice, she said she agrees and came back in a few minutes with a bowl of Jasmine rice.  So they had Jasmine rice already cooked, why didn’t they serve it instead of this wet rice?


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