Lunch & Embroidery Gathering – Speaker On Sashiko & Boro


It was very sunny today and got as warm as 21C so it felt nice and warm.  It does feel a bit chilly in the morning and evening, though.  It looks like it’ll be similar temperature for the next couple of weeks.


There was a embroidery gathering this afternoon, so I had lunch with my next door neighbour friend at a pub before joining the group.  I had Chicken, Chorizo & Mozzarella Melt but the chicken and the bread were very dry, no seasoning was added so it was hard to eat.  I think the kitchen staff changed recently.



刺繍の会では時々スピーカーのお話を聞ける日があり、今日は、Marilyn Willis さんが刺し子と「ぼろ」についてのお話をしてくださいました。わたしが日本人だということはご存じだったらしく、時々わたしの方をご覧になって、わたしよりお詳しい方がおられると思いますがとおっしゃったりして(笑)、話しにくそうでした(笑)。もちろん刺し子のことやボロについては知ってはいますし、たくさん作品をみて来てはいますが、特に詳しいわけではありません、30年ほど前にパッチワークを教えていただいていた時、小さなポーチに刺し子風のステッチをした覚えがありますが、それくらいです。お話を聞いたあと、10センチ四方くらいの布を各自いただいて、針と糸をお借りして少しステッチをしました。時間が短いので何か出来上がるわけではないのが残念でしたが(個人的にはキットのようなものを購入して何か作れると楽しいと思うのですが、そうすると参加費用が必要になって色々と問題が出るのだろうと想像します)、中には刺し子のことをご存じなかった方もおられたので興味は持たれたのではないかと思います。

Now and again we have a speaker at the embroidery gathering and today it was Marilyn Wills, who gave a talk on Sashiko & Boro (two Japanese styles of embroidery).   She must’ve know I was Japanese as she looked at me a few times and said things like “there must be people who know about them more than me in this group” and looked slightly uncomfortable, but I don’t have much knowledge about Sashiko & Boro although of course I know of them and have seen a lot of examples.  I have used sashiko stitches when I made a small pouch when I was learning patchwork but that’s about it.  After the talk, we were given a piece of fabric (about 10cm x 10cm), a needle and some threads so we could have a go at the sashiko technique.  There wasn’t a lot of time to stitch but I feel it would have been more fun if we bought a proper kit and make something – although I do understand it’ll cause a lot of complications as it’ll cost the members to join.  Anyway, there were people who didn’t know anything about them so I think it was good to get some introduction for them.


These cute little bags were shown as samples of sashiko.





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