La Patisserie

冷凍していたフランスパンがなくなってしまったので、今日は時々行く Shoreham-on-the-sea の「La Patisserieに行って来ました。交通状態にもよりますが、45分から1時間くらいかかるので度々は行けませんが、この辺りでは美味しいフランスパンが見つからないので時々買いだめをして冷凍しています。そして、サンドイッチもケーキも美味しいので、ランチにサンドイッチをいただいて、ケーキを買って帰ります。買いだめと書きましたが、今朝お電話をしてキープしてもらったのですが、その時点ですでに長いのが1本と中くらいのが1本しか手に入らずでした。7時半にオープンで夫が電話したのが9時で、もう既にほとんど売れてしまっていたという訳です。

We ran out of baguettes that we had in the freezer, so we went to “La Patisserie” in Shoreham-on-the-sea to buy some today.  Depending on the traffic but it takes us something between 45 minutes to an hour so we cannot go there often but we go there to buy quite a few baguettes and then freeze them.  Their sandwiches and cakes are delicious, too, so we have sandwiches for lunch and buy cakes as well.  I said we buy a few baguettes but today we were able to get only one long and one medium baguette – they open at 7:30 and my husband phoned them at 9:00 and by that time that was all they had left.


I had Coronation Chicken sandwich and my husband had Camembert and tomatoes(?).  They are delicious but I have a feeling they are smaller than when we first started going there.




It was a beautiful autumnal day today and was lovely to be outside.  Looking at the current weather forecast, it says it’ll be sunny for the next one whole week – hope they are right.  The highest temperature is around 20C and the lowest around10C, so quite nice when the sun is out.



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