Japan Holiday / Good-bye Hong Kong

たった2泊の香港滞在はあっという間に終わってしまい、今日の夕方の便で日本に発ちます。フライトは4時半なのでホテルを1時ごろに出ることに。ちゃんとしたランチをするには時間が足りないので、駅にある Pret A Manger というサンドイッチ屋さんでサンドイッチを買ってきて、ホテルのお部屋で食べました。イギリスのチェーン店ですが、割と美味しいので時々買います。

Our stay in Hong Kong went in a flash, 2 nights isn’t much at all, and we are leaving for Japan this afternoon. Our flight is at 4:30pm so we left our room around 1:00pm to take a taxi to the airport. We didn’t have enough time to have a proper lunch before we went so we bought some sandwiches at Pret A Manger in an MTR station and had them in the hotel room.


Two nights isn’t much time to do anything and I wish we’d had more time but we enjoyed Chinese food and thinking of old times while we were having dim sum, walking in a busy street, or going up the escalator in Central. All sorts of happy memories with my friends flooded my heart and made me feel happy. I don’t have contact with many of those friends now but I hope they are all well and happy wherever they are.


Taxis in Hong Kong have always been old and tatty but we saw some sparkling new wagon style ones so we were saying we wanted to try to get one of them, and we did when we got our taxi from the hotel to the airport today. It’s clearner and larger inside, very nice.


We had Dan Dan Noodles again at the Cathay lounge at the airport. It was so good! When we had it at the Cathay lounge at Heathrow it wasn’t good at all and I was thinking “Do I remember it wrong? This is not good at all….”. Well, it was very different here. The noodles at Heathrow were not cooked enough and there wasn’t enough seasoning and too much sesame paste, it really wasn’t enjoyable. The one we just had at HKG was so much nicer! The ingredients are 100% the same but the tastes are totally different.

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