Japan Holiday / Lunch In The Neighbourhoood (Bistro Waku)


It was just before 12:00pm when we checked in to the apartment we are renting, then we went out to a 711 (one of the many convenience stores, which you typically fine a few in your neighbourhood in Japan, they sell all sorts of essential things) to get Japanese yen out of the ATM, then we had lunch. When we lived here 25 years ago, there weren’t any restaurants right here (there are many if we walked for 10 minutes or so, but not any within just a few minutes), but now there are a few around here, so we tried one of them. It was called “Bistro Waku”, which was a very casual homey place. We then walked to the Co-op, which is about 10 minutes’ away, to get some things we need.


First you get a salad, whichever main dish you choose.


My husband had Beef Stroganoff.


I had Om-rice, which I guess is a shortened Japanese name from ‘Omelette Rice’. Inside the thin omlette, there is fried-rice with usually onion, chicken and seasoned with ketchup). This one is a more modern version and comes with a demi glace sauce but the traditional version has just ketchup on top.


I suppose it was “A casual little Japanese Western Bistro” sort of a place, not a high level French restaurant, but good enough. My husband’s Beef Stroganoff was 1300 yen (£7) and my Om-rice was 1,000 yen (£5.50). In total, £12.50, both including a salad each. I wonder what you can eat in England at such prices.

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