Japan Holiday / Dinner & Wine At “Ber Ber Bar”


Some years before the Pandemic we tried a Kobe wine bar called “Ber Ber Bar” in Sannomiya and liked it very much so we’ve always made sure to go there every time when my husband and I were in Japan together, usually twice a year.


Here, you choose what you eat then one of the staff would choose some wines that go well with what you will eat, then you choose whichever of these you like. My husband and I choose one glass each (different ones) and swap halfway through.


Sadly, the owner of the wine bar, who always attended to us, was not there and someone else, who is now the head of the wine bar, serviced us. He told us that the owner wasn’t at this wine bar now and asked if he knows us, so I told him I think he would remember us as we’d been here quite a few times before the Pandemic, he said he would pass the message but didn’t give us any further information.


So I did a quick search online and found out he had opened a new place, which is mainly a wine shop, but also has an area where you can have some charcuterie and cheese with your wine, and that is where he is based now.  As this shop is quite close to where we are staying we are planning to visit there and buy some wine, but I find it odd that the head of the wine bar didn’t let us know this.


The first two wines we had were the 2 bottles from the left to go with our first starter, “Bresaola, Parmesiano, Wild Rocket”.


Bresaola, Parmesiano, Wild Rocket. Both Bresaola and Parmesiano were delicious with deep flavour.


Our 2nd starter, Kobe mushroom salad.


Our 3rd starter, Spanish Iberico Salami.


We had these two wines.


The 2 wine we had with the main are the far left and far right. After finishing both, my husband had another glass of the far left one.


Our main was Salted Pork with Lentils. This was very tasty, too.


The total bill was £92. Maybe it’s on the expensive side in Japan but not totally sure. We had 7 glasses of wine in total so maybe not so expensive. Salami, cheese and every ingredient is specially selected and they were all delicious, so we were happy anyway. Before the Pandemic, they didn’t accept any cards for payment but now they do, which is great.

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