Japan Holiday / Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) At Mirakuen (Family Dinner)


We had Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) with my sister and her husband and my brother at “Mirakuen” in Deyashiki, We’ve been going there for longer than 50 years! It’s one of a few places we went out for dinner as a family when we were children. My brother, sister and her husband had other cuts as well but I mainly had US skirt, short rib (with and without bone) as well as Kimchee, rice and cold noodles at the end. My husband loves loin best but I prefer rib and skirt.


When we were younger we used to eat a lot more but now that we are all at a certain age we eat quite a lot less, but we still enjoyed it very much. It was 26,000 yen (£143) in total so 5,200yen (£29) per person. It used to be about 4,000yen (£22) per person when we were younger and were eating more! From a certain time (maybe 30 years ago?) it became very popular and it got harder to get a table and got more expensive. We still want to go there when we come back to Japan.

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