Japan Holiday / To Yufuin On Yufuin-No-Mori (Special Train)


We are in Yufuin for hot springs today. We used to stay for two nights, thinking we can relax that way, but we found there wasn’t much to do during the day and we got bored so this time just one night. I’ll blog the hotel separately.


We took a special train called Yufuin-No-Mori (Woods of Yufuin). When we came last time it wasn’t long after some land slides and the trains had to take a different route and it took us about five hours to get here, but today it took us about two and a half. Our train departed a little after 10:00am from Fukuoka and arrived in Yufuin around 12:30. (Hakata Station is very large and not easy to work out and I had some trouble with finding the right place once before so this time we left the hotel way too early and had to kill the time in KFC with tea/coffee.)


The decor of the train is very retro looking, which is nice, but the smell of old fabric wasn’t great. I think it was the same last time but the most of the people on the train were from Korea and China, we didn’t hear much Japanese. Maybe only 10% of the passengers were Japanese.


The scenery was beautiful but the sun was so bright and also the reflection of ourselves and the lights inside the train were hard to avoid, so not many photos.

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