Japan Holiday / Musouen / Japanese Inn (Ryokan) in Yufuin


We stayed at “Musouen” in Yufuin. When we were here in 2017, we also stayed here but we booked a room in a separate building. This time we booked one of the cheapest packages so naturally the room isn’t as nice, but I noticed how the staff handled us was quite different also. I suppose that is normal, we probably paid then about double of what we paid this time.


I should have taken a photo of the room from the other side as well, there is a little area near the windows, where there is a small table and two chairs. This is the view from the window there.


The view from the lounge was lovely also.


After checking in, and before dinner, we took a bath in the outdoor hot spring bath that is reserved for families You don’t need to book it, just see if it’s available and it was available when we went.


The family bath is nice and private but it’s even nicer in the large outdoor baths. This morning before breakfast I went in the women’s and my husband went in the men’s.


The photos of baths are from their website, because (thankfully) you are not allowed to take phones or cameras into the bath areas.

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