Japan Holiday / Dinner At Musouen (Japanese Inn / Ryokan)


I’m not going to write about each dish of last night’s dinner (as there were so many), I’ll just post the photos with a photo of the menu. The menu is what my husband had but they kindly prepared it without seafood and fish for me substituting with vegetables. You always get a lot of food at a Ryokan and we aren’t a big fan of having dish after dish so I booked a package that comes with a simpler dinner with Shabu Shabu. Yes, this is a simpler version of their dinner! No photo but we had local Yufuin beer as well.


This is my husband’s dinner (with a couple of more dishes that came after we finished all the little starters). My husband particularly loved the sashimi. The sesame sauce for the Shabu Shabu wasn’t much to our liking, though.


From here, I’ll post just my dinner.


Dessert – probably very disappointing to many non-Japanese. Just small bits of fruits.


After dinner, we shared a caramel pudding, which is supposed to be special in this Ryokan.

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