Japan Holiday / Dinner At A British Pub In Fukuoka, Japan


We were planning to go to Yatai (street food stalls along the river) but the one we wanted to go to was closed on Mondays and we couldn’t come up with anywhere else we wanted to go. We felt a bit lazy and decided to go to a British pub “Mortis Hippo” near the hotel, where we’d been to before a couple of times.

パブに来たら、まずはビール。Old Speckled Hen というイギリスのビール。

We must have beer when we are in a pub! They had “Old Speckled Hen”.


My husband had a burger and I had a pizza – both good. The chips that came with the burger were so good but such a small portion, I had some while I was waiting for my pizza, which took forever to come, and I was so hungry that I made a silly mistake of ordering a large portion of chips. They were not very good this time and the portion was too much anyway. We couldn’t even have a half of it.


Pizza wasn’t bad consideirng it wasn’t baked in a proper pizza oven.

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