Japan Holiday / Dazaifu Tenmangu (Shrine) In Fukuoka


We were going to have lunch with a friend but she couldn’t come so we had a free afternoo – so I suggesgted to go to Dazaifu Tenmangu. We’e been to Fukuoka quite a few times but we’d never been there although it’s very famous because it’s quite far to get to. As you need to change trains twice, which seemed a lot of trouble, we were going to take a bus, which would take a shorter time than the trains and you don’t need to change. We went to the bus terminal and bought tickets, but then realised the queue for the bus was very very long, there were more people than a bus can take. So we got a refund and took the trains. When I asked the guy who dealt with the bus tickets if there was something special in Dazaifu, he said, “No, it’s like this every day, busy with non-Japanese. Very sorry.” It’s so Japanese to apologise for the long queue, it wasn’t his fault. Anyway, we took the trains and it wasn’t that bad.


This was the 3rd train we took, it’s so nicely decorated, it’s a train that just goes up and down between 2 stations.


This is Dazaifu Station.


Dazaifu was very close to the station, the street that connects them has shops, restaurants and cafes and was very busy, not as qute as busy as Kyoto but pretty busy. The funny thing is that inside Dazaifu Tenmangu wasn’t that busy.


On the way back to the station wes had Umegae-mochi, something you have to do here.

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