Japan Holiday / Vietnamese In Fukuoka


We arrived in Fukuoka around 11:30, then went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. It was called “Lotus Palace” and was in Hakata City Kuuten in Hakata station on the 10th floor. When we went in, we noticed that most staff including the chefs were Vietnamese, so we thought it was a good thing and we’ll have a great lunch.


We looked at a la carte but they were quite expensive so we decided to stick with their set menu but added 2 deep-fried spring rolls.


Spring rolls were so-so, not the best but OK. I thought the sauce could be stronger with more seasoning. The two pieces of lettuce that came to use in wrapping the spring rolls were so limp and not fresh.


One of the sets we ordered was Lemon Grass Chicken Rice Set – it came with lemon grass chicken rice, a small bowl of chicken pho, 2 kinds of spring rolls (deep-fried spring rolls and the one with thick chewy skin) and also mango pudding (we could choose from 2 desserts, it was a tiny piece). Deep-friend spring rolls were OK (same as the above), and the other spring rolls were quite good. The soup of the pho and the noodles were nice but not enough herbs and chicken was very strongly chickeny I couldn’t eat it. The lemon grass chicken rice didn’t seem to have much lemon grass flavour and had some flavour that I really didn’t like.


The other set we ordered was “Today’s Dish Set” and today’s dish was stir-fried beef and mushrooms. It came with rice with multi grain, fresh spring rolls, a small bowl of chicken pho and dessert (Che). Pho is the same as the above, I couldn’t eat the chicken. Fresh spring rolls were good but the sauce tasted like a Japanese vinegar and miso sauce, a bit strange. Stir-fried beef and mushrooms were very lightly seasoned so didn’t really go with rice.


So, I have to say it was quite disappointing. Although I feel food in Japan is very good on average, ethnic cooking isn’t their strength. It wasn’t cheap for Japan either – 4,500yen (£25).

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