Japan Holiday / To Fukuoka


We travelled from Kobe to Fukuoka on the Shinkansen. We left quite early and got on the train a little after 9:00. These are the photos we took from the window somewhere around Yamaguchi, nothing special but very Japanese.


Our Shinkansen today was the Sakura type and we found the seats were larger and much more comfortable than the Shinkansens we have taken before.


As you can see from the photos, it’s another beautiful day today. Since we arrived in Kobe it’s been 2 weeks, about a half way through our holidays in Kobe. It thundered and rained for a short time some days ago, but I was having a massage and my husband was relaxing in the apartment. Other than that, it’s been mostly beautiful weather like this with maybe some less sunny hours here and there. It’s been raining so much in the UK. I remember it rained and rained from November through the winter in the year we moved to England and there was flooding everywhere.

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