Japan Holiday / Dinner In Fukuoka Part 1 / Street Food Stall “Chez Remy”


On the day before yesterday, our last day in Fukuoka, we decided to go to two restaurants (eateries) for dinner. There is an unusual yatai (street food stall) in Fukuoka called “Chez Remy”, run by some French guys, serving French food. This is very unusual for yatai as they tend to serve very Japanese food like Ramen, gyoza, and oden. It was closed on our first evening in Fukuoka so we wanted to try it on our last evening there but we’d already made a booking at a restaurant at 7:30 but we thought we’ll eat a little here then move on to the other restaurant, as you can have a small meal at both if you want. The opening hours weren’t clear, it was supposed to be sometime between 6:00 and 6:30 – so we left the hotel a little after 6:00. It was further away than we thought and we got there around 6:30. We were expecting it to be by the river where most of the other yatais are, but it was by a road and there was already a very long queue of people waiting. I think there were 16 or 18 people queueing ahead of us. We nearly gave up but we thought “It would probably take only 15 minutes or less to get to the other restaurant, so let’s see if we can make it.” Fortunately, people don’t stay long at these type of places and they know other people are waiting. We did make it just in time – I think we got seated around 7:00pm or slightly later. They take orders while you are queuing and start cooking your orders ahead of time so we had our food fairly quickly once we sat down and were able to eat without rushing too much – although I cannot say it was relaxing. We had Escargots and Mushroom Ahijo, with a piece of baguette and a couple of glasses of red wine. They recommend you to have Escargots and Quiche, but we thought quiche would be quite filling. I used to be able to enjoy escargot because at that time they were covered with lots of garlic and maybe breadcrumbs so that I didn’t actually see them. Now I cannot enjoy them. I like the garlicky sauce so had the Mushroom Ahijo instead.


Including 2 glass wine (French), it was 3,800 yen (£20).


When we go somewhere, I would like to have something we cannot have where we live, or experience something special in the area.  this was just such an experience and was a lot of fun.

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