Japan Holiday / Kinrin-Lake (Kinrinko) In Yufuin


So, after taking our time at the cafe, we walked around Kinrin-lake. When we left England it was too early for autumn leaves and in general in this part of Japan autumn leaves are at their best at the end of November or early December, so I’d given up seeing them this year. Although I’m sure they’ll be more beautiful in a couple of weeks, they already looked very pretty here and I’m glad we were able to appreciate autumn leaves this year.


Incidentally, I think it’s similar all over Japan but it was such a beautiful day but very hot. Both Yufuin on Tuesday and Fukuoka toay, it was so hot.


We then walked from Kinrin-lake to Yufuin station to get picked up by the Japanese Inn staff. We have been walking a lot recently (for us anyway), this day we walked 9,652 steps, on the day before we walked 10,818 steps, the following day 9,824 steps and today 11,609, so we’ve been walking between 9,000 steps and 11,000 steps every day. Very good for me, someone who seldom walks much in England.


On the way to the station, we saw this “Showa-era shop” and they had a cafe, where they serve Showa-era school dinners (the Japanese Showa era lasted from 1926 to 1989). I wondered what sort of things they would have but it turned out to be mainly deep-friend fluffy bread covered with sugar and soy bean powder. I do remember it was really popular when I was young.


A sight-seeing horse carriage was running, too.

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