Japan Holiday / Dinner At “Sanpo” at Nishimuraya In Kinosaki

城崎温泉での夕食は、お部屋食のオプションもあり多くのお部屋がお部屋食にされていましたが(もちろん蟹です、ホテルの廊下中匂っていました 涙)、わたしたちは西村屋本館のお隣にある「さんぽう」というレストランでいただきました。

In Nishimuraya Shogetsutei, we had the choice to have dinner in our room, (which most people seem to prefer, we saw quite a lot of rooms being served this way, and the whole corridor was smelling of crabs as that’s what most people want to have there), or have it in the restaurant “Sanpo” next to Nishimuraya Honkan and we chose to have it in the restaurant.


This is Nishimuraya Honkan, where we had actually wanted to stay …


This is the restaurant “Sanpo”.


It was counter-type seating around the food preparation area. We first had a glass of sake each, then switched to draft beer. We asked the staff what sake they recommend and chose 2 different ones of the Hiyaoroshi type. We swapped them with each other half way.


My husband’s dinner menu.


My dinner menu.


I’ll upload just photos. The soba and the main (beef) dish were the same for both of us, but others were different – the first photo of each course is my husband’s and the 2nd is mine.


On the menu it said Soup of Togan (a kind of turnip) but it was changed to Soup of Satoimo (sticky porato), it was very tasty.


I’m not very keen on Japanese dashi, so I asked them not to pour the dashi so I can eat it as a rice ball.


My husband enjoyed everything very much, specially the sashimi like he had in Yufuin. I also enjoyed almost everything, but enjoyed the soup of Satoimo (sticky potato) specially. Tempura were lovely and light but they are deep-fried so did fill me up quickly so I had to ask my husband to have one of them, as well as some of my slices of beef. The beef was quite lean so a little chewy and didn’t have much seasoning so I found it difficult to enjoy, but once I seasoned it with olive & garlic dip it tasted good. The mousse of the dessert had something I didn’t like, maybe some kind of cheese or yoghurt or something, so I had just the fruits and my husband had the rest.


As I wrote about our stay in Yufuin, we do prefer having dinner in a restaurant like this rather than served in the room. I also enjoyed this dinner more than usual dinners at Japanese Inns.

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