Japan Holiday / Kinosaki Town & Footwear Problem


Many of the Japanese Inns and Onsen (public hot springs) are built along the river in Kinosaki and you see many people walking there wearing Yukata, which seems something very characterictic of a hot spring town. My husband thinks it’s strange and funny that people walk in their pyjamas (as we sleep in Yukata), too. It was a shame that we weren’t able to do that this time and go into one or two of the public hot springs.


However, for my husband, it is hard work to wear the traditonal Japanese footwear, zori, or geta. As he doesn’t wear them often, he doesn’t seem to have the knack to slide his feet easily into them. I suppose having much larger and wider feet than standard Japanese doesn’t help but also he doesn’t seem to be able to open the gap between his big toe and the one next to it unless he or I pull them apart. He calls it “geta mondai” (geta problem). Having said that, to be honest, the zori and geta I wore at the hotel were very tight and my feet are hurting a bit even now. I can still put them on without any problem, they just aren’t so comfortable.

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