Japan Holiday / Kinosaki Burger For Lunch


The check out time of Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetutei was 10:00. Traditionally, check out time for Japanese Inns is 10:00. This one was ‘Hotel’ but I guess it’s more like a Ryokan.. The train “Hamakaze`’ back to Kobe was 3:15pm. What can you do for 5 hours in a little town like Kinosaki. I suppose this is why you get a pass for 7 hot springs that is valid until a little after 3:00pm on the following day. I know we should have visited some of the hot springs, it would have made the time go faster, but we just didn’t feel like having another bath.


We walked from the hotel to the station as slowly as we could manage, then sat at one of the benches outside the station for a while doing some internet on our phones. Then we went in a cafe to have cold drinks as it was very warm, took our time as much as we could, then walked along the river again slowly. When it was about 11:45, we went in this Burger Shop for lunch. There were at least 3 Tajima Beef Burger Shops and we chose this one.


My husband had Tajima Beef Cheese Burger, I had ordinary Tajima Beef Burger plus coke plus french fries (to share with my husband) as a set. My husband had a bottle of local made Stout.


These burgers were delicious!!! Homemade, tender, juicy, tasty. The buns were also exceptionally good, not too soft, great texture. The 2 different sauces in the burger were both delicious. I would love to go back if it were more accessible. The best burger I’ve had in my life!


However, it comes at a price. Together, the bill was 5,060 yen (£27). Well, it doesn’t sound that bad in pounds maybe but it sounds pretty expensive in Japanese yen. However, I would still go back!

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