Japan Holiday / Sweet Red Bean Soup With Mochi


After lunch in Kinosaki yesterday, we walked ‘slowly’ again along the street full of shops and cafes to try to find a traditional Japanese cafe, where we can have some traditional Japanese sweets as my husband wanted some. Strangely, when we were trying to find a lunch place we thought we saw a lot of sweets cafes but now we couldn’t! In the end we went into a coffee shop, which had a sign saying they had sweet red bean soup with tochi-mochi and that’s what we ordered. I’d never had tochi-mochi before but it had some unusual smell and taste that I wasn’t too keen on. I did finish it but I wouldn’t order again, I prefer usual mochi. Later I found out we could have had it with usual mochi.


Incidentally, I prefer smooth bean paste rather than the one where you still see beans, but my husband seems to prefer those with actual beans in shape. So this is what he loves.

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