Japan Holiday / Marutaka Ramen


So, we managed to kill time until the time for the special “Hamakaze” train to get back to Kobe from Kinosaki and got back to our apartment by early evening. As we had something sweet as well, I thought we may not be hungry in the evening but we were, and we went to the nearby Marutaka Chuka Soba (Ramen restaurant). We went there twice before but it was closed with a notice saying they’d finished for the day, so we assumed they’d closed down, but we saw the lights were on the other day so thought it worth trying again.


Rather than ordering to one of the staff, you use a machine to buy ‘tickets’ for what you would like. I guess this is also easier for non-Japanese.


I read in some reviews that their fried rice is excellent so we ordered a half portion. I felt the rice wasn’t Japanese rice, it reminded me of fried rice in Hong Kong – I guess that is a good thing but it wasn’t really to my taste to be honest.


We ordered one Ramen each – the very basic one. I’m not saying it tasted bad, but for some reason it wasn’t to my liking, I didn’t dislike it and finished it but I didn’t love it, I cannot explain why. The soup didn’t taste the way I expected Ramen soup to taste, and maybe the noodles were a bit soft? I tend to like them with more texture.


Gyoza were good, nice and crispy.


We don’t have the receipt so not sure but my husband thinks it was about 3,000 yen (£16) altogether.

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