Dim Sum at Cassia (Capella Hotel)





I had another catch-up lunch with a friend.  One more friend was going to come but wasn’t able to so it was just two of us.  We went to Cassia in Capella Hotel for dim sum on my friend’s request, she went there once with her husband (reading my blog) and liked it.  The good thing is that they are flexible to give us just 2 of each so we are able to try a few things.

Unfortunately, though, some how things didn’t go too well today.  The prawn dumplings had dried scallops (usually they don’t but apparently it was written in the menu in the description), they put prawns in the Siu Mai that they told us there was no seafood in.  Then when they gave us some extra to replace the Siu Mai the custard bun had salty egg that I dislike strongly (not their fault, just unfortunate).  I thought it was just me who didn’t enjoy it but my friend didn’t enjoy it either.

I still think it’s a good restaurant, it just wasn’t our day.


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