Dartmoor in the Fog (England)


On the day after we arrived in England, we didn’t have any schedule so we went out for a drive over Dartmoor and also did a little shopping in Exeter.  Unfortunately it became very foggy later on but in the beginning it wasn’t too bad.  It was lovely to see some autumn leaves, too.


When we lived in Japan, autumn was my favourite season of the year.  Although I sometimes go back to Japan or travel somewhere in autumn, it’s not often and not for a long time and I miss the season.  As well as the beautiful autumn leaves, I also love being able to wear autumn clothes.  I don’t like summer clothes at all but for the last 17 years we’ve been living in a warm climate and mostly wearing summer clothes – very sad.  When I go back to Japan or go somewhere in autumn, I feel lost as I don’t know what to wear.  I bought a few pieces of autumn clothes this time in London and Exeter and enjoyed wearing them so much! I would love to get a new coat but I haven’t had the courage to do so as I know I would only wear it a few times a year.


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エクセターでは、Jamie’s Italianで軽くランチをしました。多分、夫は普通のビーフバーガー、わたしはベジタリアンバーガーだったと思います。わたしのベジタリアンバーガーはまぁまぁだったような気がしますが(随分前であまり覚えていない)、夫のバーガーはミディアムと言ったのにすっかりウェルダンでした。

We had a light lunch at Jamie’s Italian in Exeter.  I think my husband had a beef burger and I had a vegetarian burger – not too sure as it’s been nearly a month since then.  When I posted the photos on my facebook, my Italian friend commented that it wasn’t looking Italian at all.  True, not really Italian.  I think my vegetarian burger was just OK.  My husband’s burger was too well-done even though he asked for medium.


Jamie’s Italian, Exeter
20 Bedford Street

Opening times

12 noon-10pm

12 noon-11pm




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