Lunch with Friends at The Anthologist (England)

ロンドンに戻った翌日は、香港で仲良くしていたお友達ご夫婦とランチをご一緒しました。6.7年前にリタイヤされてしばらくアイルランドにお住いでした が、2年ほど前からイギリスにお住いです。もう14年ほどのおつきあい。ロンドンから1時間ほどのところだと思いますが、去年も今年もロンドンまで出てきてくださいました。

ランチはお友達が選んで予約しておいてくださった、The Anthologist というカフェで。前菜にスコッチエッグをシェアーし、わたしはバローマーケットフラットブレッド(チョリソ、ペッパー、サンブラッシュト マト、ロケットなどがのったもの)、夫はソーセージとマッシュポテトをいただきました。フラットブレッドはしんなりしていたのが残念でしたが味は美味し く、量が多くてとても食べられないと思ったのに全部食べてしまいました。ブレッド部分がとても薄かったので思っていたほどの量ではなかった気がします。カフェはとても人気のようで、大変賑やかでした。あまり落ち着く雰囲気ではありませんでしたが、メニューの幅が広くお安く味も良かったです。

On the day after we got back to London, from Marrakesh we had lunch with our good friends who moved back from Hong Kong to retire 7 or 8 years ago.  They decided to live in Ireland at first but then moved to England a couple of years ago so we met them for lunch last year and also this year.  They don’t live in London but they came down for the day to see us, which was very nice of them.

They booked for lunch at a cafe called “The Anthologist“.  My husband and I shared a scotch egg, which was very nice and then he had Sausages & Mash and I had Borough Market Flatbread.  The flatbread looked huge but was actually quite light because the flatbread part was very very thin.  It would have been better if the base was crispy (it was soggy) but it tasted very good and I actually finished it all.  The cafe seemed very popular, very lively with lots of people.  It’s not a place to stay for a long time, I didn’t think, because it was rather noisy but the menu has a bit of everything, inexpensive and what I had was good.




A few days before this, we heard that someone my husband knew when he was in university passed away and her funeral was on this day.  Although he wasn’t very close to her, he shared a house with her and some other people from the university for a while so he knew her, and she was married for many years to his best friend so he wanted to attend the funeral.  He had lunch with us, then left us to attend it.

I’d never met this lady so I stayed with my friends after lunch.  We went to an art museum nearby then had tea before parting.



We can see them only once a year or less often so I wish we were able to spend more time with them, but we have so little time and many people we want to see in England when we are there. Hopefully we’ll be able to spend more time together in the near future but I’m glad we got to see them even for just a short time.


The Anthologist



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