Hamstead and The Flask (England)


On the 3rd day after arriving back to London, we went to Hampstead, where my husband lived when he was a university student.  I think it was my 2nd time to go there .  We went because my husband wanted a photo taken at a particular street, where I took a photo of him 20 years ago, this shot itself being a follow up to a photo that was taken of him in the same place 20 years before that.  It was early this month and it was still quite warm in Japan but the leaves had already turned colours and lots of them had fallen off the trees in England.  Both trees and people looked like they were getting ready for the winter.




ランチは、The Flask というパブで。

We had lunch at the pub “The Flask”.




Probably our 1st bitter on this trip.  We didn’t actually get a lot of beer on this trip.



I think my husband had Fish & Chips but not sure.. I had a sausage sandwich, which was very simple but good.



We then went back to London, did some shopping before heading back to the hotel.







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