Lunch at Corner House


A couple of weeks ago, I had lunch with a friend who moved back from Singapore to Japan about a year ago and was visiting here.  I suggested Corner House in the Botanic Gardens.




We both had their “business lunchon” and chose soup.  I think it was pumpkin soup or something similar but my friend had Harissa and some small crab croquette or something.  I had it with some truffle.



I ordered Wagyu Beef, which you pay additional suppliment for, but I didn’t like it very much.  I know it’s risky to order beef in Singapore because I am fussy with beef but that was the only thing I could have on the menu…



I chose Tropical for dessert.




The presentation is pretty as usual and the service isn’t bad – one of the staff remembered that I cannot eat fish or seafood.  However, I felt a little disappointed with the food.  I suppose it’s partly because I didn’t like the beef dish but I think it’s also because it was a 3 course meal.   I checked my old blog’s post –  I’ve been there twice and both times I had 4 course meal rather than 3.  I tend to like starters more anyway in general so it’s better to have 2 starters than just 1.

お友達は相変わらずエネルギーに溢れていてお元気でした。後日、共通のお友達ともう1度集まれたので、うちでご飯を作って食べました。(←この記事をアップしたときはCorner Houseでのランチもアップしたつもりになっていました。facebookとごっちゃになってしまってややこしい。。。)お知り合いが多い方ですが、たまたま何人か共通のお友達がいたり普段時々連絡を取っているお陰でご連絡をいただき、お元気なお顔を拝見出来て嬉しかったです。

My friend was just as full of energy as before.  After this lunch, we met up once more at my place with another mutual friend and cooked lunch together, which I’d already write about.


Corner House
1 Cluny Road
E J H Corner House
Singapore Botanic Gardens
(Nassim Gate Entrance)
Singapore 259569

Tel:  +65 6469 1000

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