Ding Dong


My husband has been away quite often on business last month and this month, he’s away now again so I went out for dinner with a couple of friends who are often busy during the day.  I did meet one of them for lunch the other day but I hadn’t seen the other friend for a month and a half or so.

わたしの提案で、一度行って美味しかったDing Dong に行ってきました。最近はちょこちょこと少量ずつ色々食べられるというのが良くなってきましたし、アジア風の味付けも好みです。

I suggested  Ding Dong  as I liked it when I was there last time with my husband and his colleague and his wife.



We had Vietnamese Scotch Eggs, Chinese Bun with Iberico Pork, Vietnamese Chicken Coleslaw, Spicy Beef Salad, Pork Rib and a dessert.  I particularly liked Vietnamese Scotch Egggs, Chinese Bun and Chicken Coleslaw.  We had a bottle of white wine between us and tea/coffee each after the meal and the bill was about S$85 per person.  I like this type of food – you order a few small plates and share rather than a starter and a main and also like the Asian taste with herbs.

The only thing I really don’t like about this place is that their chairs are so uncomfortable.  I wrote the same thing last time and this time we sat on different type of chairs but they were just as hard and uncomfortable as the ones before and our bottoms were very sore in a couple of hours.


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We started the dinner early but it was past 11.00pm when we looked at the time as we enjoyed chatting so much.  It was a lovely evening!


Ding Dong
23 Ann Siang Rd
Tel: 6557 0189


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