Fera at Claridge’s


宿泊したホテルのレストランは12年間Gordon Ramsayのレストランでしたが、最近 Fera というレストランに変わりました。ここもミシュランの星が1つついています。今、最も予約がとりにくいレストランの1つと読みましたが、わたしたちはホテルに滞在していたので問題なくとれました。

もう3週間近くも前のことで細かいことは覚えていませんが、最初に出てくる花びらが乗ったアミューズとお野菜のグリルが美味しく、メインにオーダーしたポークはあまり好みでなく残しました。美味しくないことはないけれど凄く印象に残るお料理もなかった、というのが残っている印象です。個人的には Gordon Ramsay のお料理の方が好み(でも、このホテルにあったレストランでなはく、メインの Restaurant Gordon Ramsay のお料理が好き)です。



The restaurant at Claridges Hotel was run by Gordon Ramsay’s for 12 years and we’ve eaten there a few times,  but this year it’s been changed to Fera.  I read it’s one of the most hard to make a reservation restaurants in London but as we were guests of the hotel we didn’t have problem.

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we had dinner there so I cannot remember the details but I liked the little amuse that has flower petals on and also the grilled vegetables I ordered for the main.  However, my impression was it was good but not spectacular and I personally prefer Gordon Ramsay’s cooking style more.  I really liked Restaurant Gordon Ramsay’s food.

Incidentally, there was a very well-know person (I didn’t know who because I’m not good at knowing them, but he was one of the rock stars in London) was having dinner at the table near us (there was 1 table between us and them).  My husband was quite happy to see him there.  We did see quite a few people waiting at the door of the hotel so we knew someone well-known was staying but it was him.

When we stayed there 3 years ago, the Japanese Emperor and the Empress were staying at the same time as we were  – not that we saw them at all – but we were arriving at the hotel in a limousine car (from London airport, I think) just when the hotel staff were expecting them to arrive, and as we pulled up to the door, a guard looked into our car, waved his hand and said “Go! Now!”.  We found out later that in less than a minute or so the Royal party arrived right behind us.   One of those funny stories we tell our friends.



Fera Claridge’s
Brook Street, Mayfair
London W1K 4HR
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7108 8888





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