New Olive Oil From Umbria


以前も記事にしたことがありますが、数年前にウンブリアでB&Bを経営されているお友達Letiziaさんのお知り合いからウンブリアのオリーブオイルを分けていただき、その後Letiziaさんのオリーブ園で採れたオリーブから作られたオリーブオイルを2010年から4年か分けていただいていました。残念なことに去年は辺り一面オリーブにつくハエの被害でオリーブが採れず、また今年はオリーブの収穫が少なかったのでオイルは収穫されなかったのですが、すぐ近くのオリーブ園のオイルを分けていただくことが出来ました。2年前にオリーブオイルフェスティバルに誘ってくださったご家族が作られているSan Potente のD.O.P.のエクストラバージンオリーブオイルです。

New olive oil has arrived!

We started buying olive oil from Umbria in Italy when we were still living in Hong Kong (I think it was probably about 7 years ago).  At first we asked our friend in Italy to ask her friend who runs a deli to send us one of the olive oil she was selling.  Then this friend in Italy who runs B&B started producing olive oil from the olives that grow in their olive trees so we started buying



Recently, we hear that a lot of “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” in the market are not actually qualified to be called so and some even has some oil that is not olive oil so I am so happy that we got the oil that we can trust completely.

This evening, 2 friends came over for a light meal and wine and we tried some of this oil with Bruscchetta and also just dipping some bread in oil.  It is so delicious.  Very green both in colour and taste, grassy and light.






A photo I took on the following day when I tried the above oil.  So green!



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