Christmas Party (Food)



As I say, I didn’t take photos of everything and what I took didn’t come out well – partly because I was too busy and also because I’ve been having trouble with changing settings on my SLR without the broken display panel working.

One friend brought Burdock Soup with crispy slices of burdock for decoration as well.   One brought Roast Beef with Chimichuri Sauce.  Both of them were delicious!









  • オリーブオイルとパン
  • トマトジャムとパン
  • キヌアとピーカンナッツのサラダ
  • レンティル、ローストしたビーツ、くるみのサラダ
  • 赤パプリカと黄パプリカのロースト、オリーブオイルマリネ
  • ラ・フランスのサラダ
  • 豆腐とアボカドのサラダ
  • ビーフシチュー(ちょっとモロッコ風?)
  • 茹でた新ジャガ


I prepared:

  • Olive Oil with Bread
  • Tomato Jam with Bread
  • Quinoa & Peacan Nut Salad
  • Lentil and Roasted Beet Salad
  • Roasted Red & Yellow Pepper
  • La France Salad
  • Tofu & Avocado Salad
  • Beef Casserole with a hint of Morocco
  • Boiled New Potatoes


Most of the salads seemed to need a little more dressing – I made them early in the morning so maybe the acidity had gone milder.  The beef casserole came out good – I sort of made it up with some Moroccan flavour (just subtly).






Cheese Platter from my guests, arranged beautifully.




And Cake that one of them baked and brought – but I forgot to serve it!!  It was after most of them left when the friend who brought it mentioned it. How awful of me to forget!!





As usual, things didn’t necessarily all go as I wanted them to be but in the end it’s more important to have fun together with my friends – and we did.  Hope my friends also enjoyed themselves as much as I did.





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