Unawatuna (Sri Lanka)

昨日は朝はお買い物、その後コロンボのホテルで軽いランチ(美味しくなかった)を済ませてからホテルに手配してもらったタクシーで2時間ほど走ったところにある Galle からほど近いUnawatunaというリゾート地に移動しました。近くにお友達ご家族が宿泊されるホテルがあるというだけの理由で選んだホテル(この辺りにはいわゆる高級ホテルは存在しません)に昨日、今日と2泊します。

Yesterday, after doing some shopping in Colombo the morning, we had a quick lunch at the hotel (not good….), then left for Unawatuna in a taxi our hotel had arranged.  We chose ‘the least bad hotel’ in the Unawatuna area  because there is no really good class hotel around here, we aren’t loving it but it’s OK.  The room is clean and the staff are nice and it’s only for 2 nights anyway.



When we arrived in the hotel it was raining heavily so it seemed worse but the view isn’t bad when the weather is good.  The great thing is that it’s not as humid as in Singapore so I can actually sit under the shade and be comfortable.


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