Sri Lankan Rice & Curry at Lantern

スリランカでは、イタリアからいらしていたお友達ご家族とは3度お目にかかりました。最初は Unawatuna でわたしたちが泊まっていたホテルのレストランで夕食をご一緒し、2度目は Galle のカフェでランチをご一緒した後ぶらぶら歩いてお茶、3度目は Mirissa でわたしたちが泊まっていたホテルの近くのホテルのレストラン Lantern で夕食をご一緒しました。

In Sri Lanka, we met our friends from Italy on 3 occasions.  First time was for dinner at the hotel we were staying at in Unawatuna, the second time was when we met them for a day out in Galle, and the third was for dinner at Lantern, which was close to the resort we were staying at near Mirissa.

Unawatuna のホテルのレストランはとても暗くてまともな写真がないのですが、お嬢さんはスパゲティーボロネーゼ、大人は全員スリランカのカレーをオーダーしました。

The restaurant in the hotel we were staying at Unawatuna was so dark that most of the photos I took were very out of focus.  The daughter of our friends ordered Spaghetti Bolognase and we adults had Sri Lankan Rice & Curry.



Lantern というホテルのレストランでは、お友達のお嬢さんはフィッシュアンドチップスをオーダー。美味しかったようでした。

In Lantern, the daughter ordered fish and chips.


For starter we had a Bitter Gourd & Papaya Salad.  I don’t like bitter gourd but the dressing was nice and the rest of them seem to have enjoyed the salad.



My husband had some sort of stir-fry of vegetables and Roti.  I had just a little taste of it but it was good and my husband enjoyed it very much.



The other 3 of us ordered Sri Lankan Rice & Curry.  Each of us ordered different one – one crab, one pork and one beef?  When you order Sri Lankan curries you choose one meat (or crab or whatever) and you’ll get a few vegetable curreis and also some Sambol with it .   Apparently crab curry was very good but I thought what I had was OK but not that great.  I’ve had better ones in Colombo.





For dessert, my husband and our friend’s daughter ordered Chocolate Biscuit Pudding – it wasn’t “pudding” at all.  It was very sweet.  I think someone also ordered Sri Lankan dessert, which was again very sweet.




I had “Sri Lankan Rice & Curry” so many times in Sri Lanka but I would say the best one was in Hilton Hotel, 2nd was Amangalla in Galle, the rest was more or less the same sort of quality.  Apart from the 2 good ones I mentioned, the rest of them wasn’t very spicy (I cannot take extreme spiciness but it should be spicy) and each curry didn’t have distinctive taste, they all seem to taste very similar with some exceptions.  I must say they were better than I expected from what I read before going, though.  Not many meals were bad.




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