Hotel in Colombo

コロンボでは、Uga Residence という小さなホテルに泊まりました。外からの光がほとんど入って来ない造りになっていて(暑いからでしょうか)暗かったことを除けば、比較的広くてインテリアも落ち着くインテリアで悪くなかったです。


In Colombo, we stayed in Uga Residence.  Although the room was very dark because not much of the light came from outside (I guess they design that way because it’s a hot country but it was rather dark and a bit depressing), the room had enough space and the interior was quite nice.



However, like other hotels we stayed in Sri Lanka, the set-up seems a little strange as a hotel. There was no front desk or a concierge inside the lobby (I guess it was the lobby…) but there was a desk outside the building so when you want to ask something or make a request you have to be standing in a very hot place, getting all sweaty and feeling horrible.  There was nobody to be seen around the pool to ask for some drinks or a towel, and it just didn’t have the atmosphere to relax.

We tend to prefer smaller hotels because they are likely to be more intimate and personal, but we didn’t feel that way at this hotel.  Staff were friendly whenever we needed help but from a few responses we didn’t feel they know much about what non-locals need.  We just felt something wasn’t right there.

Having said that, this was the most comfortable hotel out of the 3 hotels we stayed at in Sri Lanka.


このホテルでは、Unawatuna に出発した日にさくっとランチをしましたが、ランチはだめだめでした。サンドイッチやケサディヤというごくシンプルなものをオーダーしたのですが、見かけだけきれいに盛り付けて中身は。。。(涙)。

We had lunch here on the day we left for Unawatuna.  We ordered Tuna Sandwich and Chicken Quesadilla, which we thought were simple enough but it was all presentation and didn’t taste good at all.   I don’t like these presentation at all, if I want sandwich it doesn’t need to be presented this way.



でも、コロンボの Barefoot Cafe で食べたランチヒルトンホテルでのビュッフェのカレーもとても美味しかったです。

However, the lunch at Barefoot Cafe and  the curry buffet at Hilton Hotel in Colombo were very good.


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